A shovel-free winter


Snow and ice are two things that Minnesotans know all too well. From the first flakes in October to April’s last minute blizzard, winter can be a beautiful yet dangerous season. Every year, expensive snow blowers and strenuous shoveling empty the wallets and endanger the lives of thousands throughout the Twin Cities. Trust McDonough Landscaping to take the pain out of snow removal this winter and start enjoying the season that made Minnesota famous!



How does never having to shovel your driveway again sound? Let’s make this dream a reality! While your neighbors are out shoveling in the cold, McDonough Landscaping will:

  • Plow your driveway
  • Clear your sidewalks and walkways
  • Salt and sand icy areas
  • Move excess snow safely and evenly



As a business owner, safety is a top priority for your employees and customers. Dozens of Twin Cities businesses trust McDonough Landscaping to safely clear their parking lots and sidewalks every winter. Whether it’s an overnight snowstorm or a weeklong blizzard, our team will ensure that your business stays open, safely accessible and clear of snow. Even after closing time our snow plows work through the night so you can arrive to a snow-free workplace in the morning.


Contact McDonough Landscaping today to receive a quote on snow plowing services for your residential or commercial property. We have hundreds of satisfied clients and look forward to working with you next!


For snow removal services, contact:
Phone: (651) 755-7901