1. Our team members will treat you, your family, your home and your property with respect and dignity while we serve you.
  2. Our team members will treat your neighbors and your neighborhood with respect and dignity while we serve you.
  3. Our team members will have the appropriate training, skills, and knowledge to complete the project that you hire us to design or install. We will have the proper equipment to complete your project.
  4. We will be there when we say we will, and we will do what we say we will do.
  5. All of our team members will dress and look professional, and will be wearing McDonough Landscaping uniforms.
  6. Our trucks and equipment will be in good condition, and will be clearly labeled as a McDonough Landscaping vehicle.
  7. We will clean your jobsite, sidewalk, and roadway at the end of every day, and leave the area safe and free of any hazardous situations.
  8. We will not take any shortcuts in completing your project – WE DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!
  9. We will inform you of any changes, or unexpected situations that may arise during the completion of your project.And we will provide you with an accurate invoice and description of the work that we complete.
  10. You will be satisfied with your experience with McDonough Landscaping.